What is remapping?

Engine remapping is simply using your engines existing capabilities in a slightly different way to unlock more BHP, more torque and increase fuel economy. Think of it as downloading a software update for a computer that makes it run more efficiently!

Is remapping safe?

In short, Yes! At AG Tuning we use leading technology to create a bespoke remap for your specific engine. No generic model specific maps, no bolt on boxes. We read your engine at its present state, factoring in its mileage and any additional modifications to create an individual file that can only be programmed to your vehicle.

Remember, with a remap you are simply teaching the car to use the fuel and air mix at different stages in the rev range and acceleration curve. After a remap, many vehicles will run far more efficiently than from manufacturer.

For peace of mind we offer both a 30 day money back free reversal from application and a 12 month warranty for an additional £30 with lifetime software warranties available.

Why do manufacturers not use the full engines potential from new?

There are many reasons for this. Primarily the most common is to take your money!

What you will often find with remapping are that the greatest gains can be found in mid range models.

This is because for example, a manufacturer may not release the full capabilities of a 2.0 Turbo Diesel engine because they can sell you a 2.5 litre variant if you require more power and thus earning them X amount more money!

Quite often, manufacturers will actually use the same basic engine tuned to different levels throughout their model range which remapping can access and unlock!

Another key factor is that car manufacturers will largely be pitching their models to the middle ground to appeal to the most people possible for sales and also to tick regulations boxes for certain markets at home and abroad. Some people wont want the power, some will want the power but not be fussed by economy. Remapping can safely alter the engine away from these restrictions and around your needs as an individual.

Who are AG Tuning and why choose us for remapping?

AG Tuning are a regionalised subdivision of DK Tuning, one of the countries largest, most successful and proven engine remapping services with over 280 5 star reviews. As primarily a detailing centre with a reputation for excellence, our paramount was to incorporate an engine tuning solution of equal quality with no compromises. As such we are able to ensure your car looks as good as it performs and performs as good as it looks!

How can I find out my vehicles potential gains?

All we need is your vehicle registration plate and leave the rest to us! Simply drop us a message using the contact me form on the website or call us directly and we can talk you through your gains.

What can I expect to see from a remap?

Increases in BHP and torque of significant amounts as high as 40%+ gains, but only ever safely within the constraints of the vehicle. Up to a 15% gain in economy. Improvements to the acceleration curve, throttle response and decreased turbo lag.

I want to book a remap, how much does it cost?

Probably not as you imagine! Remaps are vehicle specific but start from just £169! Many customers will see as much as a 10-15% gain in economy following a remap meaning you will soon start to recoup much of this too!


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