Are there any hidden charges?

Most bookings we take will be via email or by phone. As such we rely largely on the description of the owner to the vehicles condition unless they have visited us for a pre treatment inspection. As such from time to time, there may be an additional heavy soiling charge in the case of a particularly poor condition vehicles. Rest assured, we don't expect a clean vehicle and rarely trigger this.

Do you accept card payments?

Yes, we accept all card types and also payment via Bacs, paypal or cash. Please note we do not accept cheque payments.

What happens if my vehicle is damaged?

In the unlikely event of an issue whilst working on your vehicle, Autogleam are fully insured for any damage caused to the vehicle or property if we are working mobile. We are also highly experienced with a focus on paintwork safe techniques.

How far will you travel for mobile treatments?

Within reason there is no limit to distance we can travel. However this is treatment dependent and over 10 miles will be subject to small additional mileage premiums.

All I need is a basic wash, do you offer this service?

Yes. This is our Luxury Car Wash treatment which is available at our workshop. However, for your first treatment with Autogleam, we recommend our Signature Valet. This is our entry level full valet and most popular treatment and adds paintwork protection to the vehicle allowing for easier aftercare and follow up treatments.

Autogleam also offer a coating safe top up treatment for cars which have been treated with specialist paint protection.





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