What is a Ceramic Coating?

Choosing a ceramic coating is taking your vehicles appearance and protection to the next level. By choosing to ceramic your vehicle, you will benefit from:

  • Incredible levels of gloss (as pictured below) due to the 70% liquid glass magnifying effect of the coating.
  • Up to 5 years of durability on the vehicles bodywork.
  • Scratch resistance. The coating forms a second clearcoat like layer and many light blemishes in future will be in the coating not the vehicle and easy to remove.
  • Chemical resistance. The coating will resist bird lime, tree sap and insect acids from etching into your vehicle surface.
  • Self cleaning properties. The water contact angle of the vehicle is drastically changed following a ceramic coating meaning incredible hydrophobic beading and sheeting properties.
  • Incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Simply wash and dry. No need for polish, waxing or any additional means.



Why Choose Autogleam for your Ceramic Coating?

At Autogleam, we have been applying ceramic coatings to vehicles for 7 years gaining vast experience in the nature of their application, the conditions needed for application and the way ceramic behaves on different surfaces.

We are the exclusive certified Autobead Silex Ceramic Protection applicators for the Midlands Region.

In our time applying ceramic coatings, we have trialed various brands and carefully tested and observed the properties of each over extended periods of time. We were one of the regions first applicators of ceramic coatings professionally and have been involved with the development of the ceramic coating sector of the detailing industry.

Our choice to partner with Autobead was based upon the unbelievable finish and depth of colour it creates, durability and protection offered.

All of our ceramic applications will receive at minimum a single stage machine enhancement for your vehicle. This ensures the paintwork is corrected and refined to the best possible prior to sealing and ensuring the best possible finish. A machine enhancement also ensures optimum bonding of the coating to the vehicle surface. We would never apply ceramic to a vehicle without doing this preparatory work and we believe our coating packages offer some of the best finishes around.

All treatments are carried out at our detailing studio to control conditions and allow optimum curing. Price is on inspection and subject to vehicle size and condition.


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